Individual Therapy

Our approach to individual therapy integrates contemplative and holistic approaches with clinical practice to assist our clients in reaching their highest level of emotional and physical well-being. We provide progressive, strength-based, mindful, transformative interventions designed to guide our clients toward health and healing.

Your individual treatment is personalized based on your specific needs and goals and may include the following approaches:

Mindfulness-Based Therapy  is a way of learning to relate directly to the present moment to restore a balanced sense of health and well-being through increased awareness of all aspects of self, including body, mind, heart and soul.  Benefits of mindfulness include:

Reductions in pain level
Enhanced ability to cope with chronic pain and illnesses, anxiety and panic, GI distress, sleep disturbances, fatigue, high blood pressure and headaches
An increased ability to relax and cope with stress
Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

Somatic Therapy: The Psychology of Symptoms© is a psycho-spiritual process that explores how our thoughts, feelings and belief systems influence our lives. The Psychology of Symptoms is an innovative drug free adjunct to western medical treatment. Thru this process you will experientially learn how your "life story” and the survival strategies you developed to cope with it create imbalances in your physiology and manifest as your symptoms.

The Psychology of Symptoms process will not only afford you the opportunity to be free of chronic and acute symptoms, it will ultimately allow you to embody those aspects of yourself that were judged, dismissed or disowned in order to cope with your childhood. You will have the opportunity to return to your original innocence and creativity. Many people experience this process as a coming home to their” authentic self”, a recapturing of their full vitality, and an opportunity to move forward in life with creative passion and purpose.

The Psychology of Symptoms is rooted in the science of the mind-body connection that is becoming more readily available to mainstream medicine and spirituality. This process masterfully blends Voice Dialogue, Journey Work, energy healing, and truly illuminates how our biography can become our biology. 

Contemplative Therapy: Contemplative practices quiet the mind through guided imagery, focused techniques and meditation which help:

Improve focus and communication
Reduce Stress
Awaken an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life
Develop greater empathy, compassion and communication skills
Enhance creativity

Transpersonal Therapy: Reconnects the spiritual dimensions of human experience with traditional theoretical perspectives through holotropic breathwork, guided imagery, meditation and mind/body techniques.

Art, Writing and Movement Therapy: Reconnect with your creativity to access your intuition, deepen your work in therapy and develop greater understanding and guidance from your inner wisdom.  Techniques may include journaling, dance and movement, music therapy, soul collage and mandala drawing.

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for you to openly talk about

your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

Together, we can discuss your issues or concerns with:

 Anxiety and Depression                   Body Image

 Stress Management                           Medical Illnesses

 Relationship Issues                            Loss and Grief

 Sense of Self                                          Life Transitions

 Existential Concerns                          Physical and Emotional Challenges

​ Spirituality                                             Living a full and wonder-filled life        


​ Building a meditation practice       Practicing Mindfulness

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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